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Introducing the most technically advanced board in the line-up, the Jobe Stage! The first of its kind, It is made from flexible Paulownia wood and PU, which provides the ultimate combination between spring and strength, these characteristics mean the Stage not only snaps off the top off the wake but lands subtly thanks to the timber and foam cores ability to flex. The Jobe Stage was built to deliver both comfort and performance with a high-density soft foam pads that takes the hassle out of kneeling. There’s no better feeling than riding doubles, trying to get each other to fall off, the Jobe Stage Paulownia wood core bends as you turn, for a tighter arch that’ll throw up walls of spray that’ll sink whoever you verse, while the 90° ABS sidewalls are specially designed to take a beating and not inflict damage to other riders or boards. A clean-cut profiled shape makes surface spins easier than ever and with a graphic that allows you to see the technology pressed within its obvious why the Jobe Stage is the choice for the hard charging rider.

  • Key Features

    • Light weight wood foam core
    • Fully padded Single or optional Double kneeboard strap
    • ABS protecting sidewalls
    • High press fiberglass molded
    • Flex construction
    • Comfortable foam knee pad
Additional information

Additional information