Our Top 5 Vests For The 2020 Season

Out on the water your life vest is so much more than a safety consideration. Comfort, fashion, performance and functionality are all key factors in choosing a perfect vest. 2020 is a great year for vests and we’ve picked our favorites for your consideration:

Follow 2020 S.P.R. Vest

View the 2020 Follow SPR Men’s Vest HERE!

Jetpilot 2020 X1 Vest

View the 2020 Jetpilot X1 Vest in Grey, Camo & Black!

Follow 2020 BP Pro Vest

The 2020 Follow BP Pro Vest is sold out but you can view the 2020 BP Pro Junior Vest HERE!

Jetpilot 2020 C4 Vest

View the 2020 C4 Tony Vest in Brown, Grey & Red!

Follow 2020 Mitch Pro Vest

View the Follow 2020 Mitch Pro Vest HERE!