Our Top 5 Waterskis For The 2020 Season

As the years go by waterskis get better and better. 2020 is no different and the leading brands offerings are once again at new levels. Here’s our 5 favorites of the season:

2020 HO Omni

Suited to an aggressive skier on the slalom course looking for a price point waterski. Easy to control, easy to manouver and one of the best all round skis of 2020.

View the 2020 HO Omni HERE!

The 2020 Radar Senate Alloy

Competes with the Omni, the Senate Alloy is one of the best selling waterskis of the decade perfect for any intermediate to advanced skier.

View the 2020 Radar Senate Alloy HERE!

The 2020 HO Fusion Freeride

Incredible lake or open waterski that handles chop. Social ski that’s easy to ride and not too critical on body positioning. The Fusion can turn a good skier into a great skier.

View the 2020 HO Fusion Freeride HERE!

The 2020 Radar Union

Great crossover waterski that gets the job done on a lake, slalom course and lets you get super aggressive whilst being predictable, clean and easy to ride.

View the 2020 Radar Union HERE!

The 2020 HO Hovercraft

The big boy ski, super wide that lets you ride behind a bigger wake boat or choppier waters. Enjoyable at slower speeds. A great all rounder!

View the 2020 HO Hovercraft HERE!