Our Top 5 Wakesurfers For The 2020 Season

There’s no greater feeling than surfing an endless wave and the 2020 Wakesurfer line up are the best ever boards we’ve seen. We’ve dug through and picked out our 5 favorites that should be top of your list. Check them out:

Ronix Koal Classic fish

Best selling wakesurfer over the last for the last 5 years. Super easy to ride, ultra surf style suits any wake size.

View the 2020 Ronix Koal Classic Fish HERE!

2020 Hyperlite Automatic

Genuine surf inspiration and very easy to ride. One of the best wakesurfers on the market – sure to turn heads!

View the 2020 Hyperlite Automatic HERE!

2020 Byerly Buzz

Great entry point wakesurfer that will work for the whole family. Super predictable, lightning fast and rips any size wake from a ripple to massive.

View the 2020 Hyperlite Buzz HERE!

2020 Hyperlite Quad

Trick inspired and designed to use with footstraps for spins and flips but extremely user friendly in turns and fast enough to handle any size wake.

View the 2020 Hyperlite Quad HERE!

2020 Byerly Speedster

The Byerly Buzz’s brother that gets you out ripping the wake for an amazing price. Compression moulded, dual concave base with thruster fin setup.

View the 2020 Byerly Speedster HERE!